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Props to the Campus Veterinary Clinic.

Pets have been a big part of my life; dogs, rabbits, hermit crabs, goldfish, and cats. Oreo is my current companion, a great tuxedo male cat whom I adopted with his buddy Ugh (Ugly) some 12 years ago from my friend Kay when she moved to Europe. I lost Ugh last summer; and currently Oreo is having health issues. Both cats have gone to several pet care clinics and vets over the past few years as they’ve had issues come up; and despite trying to do the right thing, and taking them to professional health care clinics, I just have not felt like my cats got the proper attention or diagnosis needed.

Dr. Reid and the people at Campus Veterinary have been outstanding. For once I feel like people are listening to me when I explain symptoms and concerns rather than just going thru the motions. While Oreo has a tumor, and we wait for the biopsy results; I at least have the peace of mind knowing that there are professional, skilled, humane people at our side to help us thru it. I honestly have that feeling that they care about the animals and that’s a comfort that doesn’t have a price for me.

For anyone in the East Bay or Berkeley, my vote for best pet care are these people.

Thank you Dr. Reid and everyone in all you are doing for Oreo and for me too. I wish I could find a human doctor as wonderful as them.

Oreo the next day, after being diagnosed with a tumor in his mouth, getting a biopsy and teeth pulled.

While I’m not expecting miracles, and am preparing for the worst, I can’t express how much they were able to improve his state of being

LOVELACE, A Rock Opera wins 3/4 LA Weekly Theatre Awards!


Very proud to announce that “Lovelace, A Rock Opera” won three out of the four categories it was nominated for at the 2008 LA Weekly Theatre Awards!

A big congrats to Charlotte and Anna who have been working so hard; and also a big round of applause for the cast and crew who made it happen.

Thanks also to Charlotte and Anna for the opportunity to design the posters, artwork, and website for this production!


Charlotte Caffey, Jimmy Swan, and Anna Waronker at the LA Weekly Theatre Awards.


Katrinka Lenk - Best Performance in a Musical WINNER for Lovelace, A Rock Opera


Astrid, Charlotte, and Jeff at the Awards.

Vote for Patrick Park @ Deli Magazine (Artist of the Month)

ppHappy to announce my friend and client Patrick Park is in the running for Deli Magazine’s “Artist of the Month”.

You may have heard “Life is a Song” as it closed out the tv show “The OC”, see the video below.

Please help support this brilliant musician and take a minute and vote for Patrick on the Deli Magazine artist of the month contest. Give your click here!

Persephone’s Bees live in Paris!

Check out these two live videos from my long term and very dear friends and clients, Persephone’s Bees – performing live in Paris France from their week tour this March.