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Dean Markley strings joins forces with the Johnny Ramone Army to exclusively offer Commandos worldwide the unique opportunity to secure the exact gauges and proprietary alloys used by the rock icon himself, in creating one of the most highly sought after guitar sounds in the world. Guaranteed 100% authentic, Johnny Ramone guitar strings are available now for the first time anywhere, only from Dean Markley.

Johnny Ramone invented the relentless; down stroke guitar style, defining the groundbreaking sound of the legendary Ramones and the guitar voice of the punk rock movement in general. Listed in Time Magazine’s “10 greatest electric guitar players” and named #16 in Rolling Stone Magazine’s top 100 guitarists of all-time, Johnny was the driving force behind the Ramones, sometimes referred to as a drill sergeant, bringing order and regiment to the band. This is evident in the speed, accuracy and intensity of their music. Johnny kept the Ramones focused and moving forward, ultimately securing their place in rock history. The Ramones were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002 and their popularity only continues to grow as each year passes. Johnny’s strength endures, remaining timeless and immortal, along with the music and aesthetic he created with the world famous Ramones.

Official Johnny Ramone electric guitar strings by Dean Markley are now shipping worldwide! Expect them to arrive in stores late Fall 2010. Visit your local music shop and ask for them by name… You’ll also find them in the JRA online store in the coming weeks.


Retailers interested in carrying official Johnny Ramone “Commando Gauge” Guitar Strings please contact Dean Markley Strings Toll-free: 800 800 1008 or by email: info@deanmarkley.com to place wholesale orders from anywhere in the world.

Illustration by Shepard Fairey / Package design & Layout by Jon Krop / Atomic Pop Monkey