Leo Lyons – Movie’ On

Release Date : October 13, 2023
Artist : Leo Lyons

Leo Lyons, born in 1943, is a British bassist recognized as a founding member of the rock band Ten Years After. The band, formed in 1966, gained international fame after their performance at the Woodstock Festival in 1969. After Ten Years After disbanded in 1975, Lyons continued his career as a music producer and in 2014 founded the band Hundred Seventy Split. Lyons is highly respected in the rock and blues scene for his musical skills and his contribution to the development of British rock.

In 1975, Lyons worked in record production at Chrysalis Records as a studio manager for the Wessex Studios in London. Building on these experiences, Lyons built two commercial studios. As a producer, Lyons worked with a broad variety of musicians, including UFO, Waysted, Motörhead, Richard and Linda Thompson, and many others.